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Elementary Library Schedules
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4/2/2013 at 1:31:16 PM GMT
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Elementary Library Schedules

We are trying to find a better elementary library schedule for schools that only have a half-time librarian.  We have 5 elementary schools, 450 - 550 students each, with a librarian that is there only 2 1/2 days per week.  We do have part-time assistants, but they are often gone for other duties, too.  For many years, we tried alternating days, 30 minute periods - including checkout time, but this schedule didn't allow for very "productive" lessons.  With more students and an increased emphasis on the use of technology and in quantitative results, this wasn't working as well as before.

This year we tried alternating quarters with the librarians seeing K-2 or 3-5th grades for one quarter, 40 minute periods including checkout, with the other group seeing the library assistant for the quarter with 30 minute periods for checkout.  The lessons seemed more productive, but the teachers are complaining that they don't see the librarians often enough, and some quarters ended up being shorter or with more days that the library was being used for other things, meaning less librarian-time, too.

We are interested in exploring options.  What other schedules are being used that work for you? 

All suggestions will be appreciated.

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