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Proposed MSIP 5 Standards Feedback
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State Board Heard our Feedback on Resource Standards 2 P. Antrim Has anyone answered the evaluation criteria questions on the MSIP 5 Library/ Media Services? I know every school is different, but just wondering about some things maybe to include????
by E. Rolwing (Miller)
Tuesday, March 31, 2015
MSIP 5--New Link! 0 P. Antrim The proposed rule for MSIP 5 is at  and I have attached it here.The link I posted on the 17th is now broken. Please note that, once this rule is published in the MIssouri Register  (probably in about 25 days), comments will be collected at and via email, fax, U.S. Post, and walk-ins. As you think about the comments you plan to make, please consider the current economic condition of Missouri and what is best for Missouri's children. Also consider how we want to position ourselves as partners with other educators for the future.You are welcome to use this discussion forum to throw around ideas about the best messages to communicate.Thank you for paying attention to this important issue.Pat Antrim
by P. Antrim
Sunday, March 20, 2011
MSIP 5 Now Available 0 P. Antrim The State Board of Education has now accepted the draft regulations for MSIP 5 . They will be published in the Missouri Register for a 30-day comment period.I recommend that you read these carefully and consider their impact on your school. Discuss them here. Develop thoughtful and constructive comments.You will find an FAQ related to the transition from MSIP 4 to MSIP 5 here: .Pat
by P. Antrim
Wednesday, March 16, 2011
MSIP5--Responding to New Regulations 3 P. Antrim I also cannot access the link. 
by R. Burress (Crabtree)
Thursday, March 3, 2011
MSIP5--Responding to New Regulations 0 P. Antrim In a few days or weeks the MASL leadership will ask for your assistance in responding to the proposed regulations driving the Missouri School Improvement Plan, 5th Cycle. This forum is a good place to begin discussing what MSIP5 will mean to school libraries and preK-12 education in Missouri. I encourage you to post your thoughts and recommendations here as part of our joint efforts to provide a coherent and thoughtful response to the proposed MSIP5 regulations. We will notify you when the 30-day window for comments opens on these regulations.Sincerely,Pat AntrimPresident, MASL 2010-2011
by P. Antrim
Friday, February 18, 2011
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