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Snapshot Data Entry Form
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Missouri Library Snapshot Day Library Data Input Form

Helpful Information:

Once you have totals for the data you can share, completing the form should only take about 10 minutes.

Please be sure to upload data by 5 pm (CST) May 8, 2020.

In order to complete the form, you must fill in several required fields: library name, mailing information, contact information, and date on which you held your library snapshot date.

You do not have to fill in all the requested data. Just fill in the information that you do have.

Please submit data for one library at a time.

If there is any requested information you do not have, please enter "NA" rather than "0" as that will affect the average statewide.

Also, when filling out totals (numbers), please do not use commas or any character that is not a number, as the survey will not accept the answer.

Please be sure to keep a copy of your data for your records.  Thank you for your participation!

Please provide numerical data ("1", "15", etc.) on the following information. If you do not know this information, please write in "NA."
How many patrons visited your library?
How many students visited the library independent of their class?
Include students there during school hours, outside of school hours, during lunch, before or after school, etc.
How many items were checked out? Please include all materials in this number.
How many faculty supported activities and collaborative efforts occurred? (e.g. Reference, general course design, information literacy design for classroom assignments, team teaching, requests for resources, etc.)
Do you have pictures from your library's Snapshot Day? You can upload them below.
The questions below are optional and do not have to be completed to submit your library snapshot. However, MASL would appreciate you taking the time to complete these questions in an effort to collect the most detailed information regarding library usage.
How many patrons used a computer or accessed the internet?
How many reference questions did you receive? Please include questions received through all forms - in person, email, phone, etc.
How many times was a database accessed? Please combine data on internal and external access.
How many hits did your library's website receive?
How many hours was the library open? (Include pre- and after-school times if applicable.)

How many hours was the library both open and staffed by a certified librarian?
How many meetings were held by outside groups? (e.g. non-library staff)
How many people attended these meetings?
How many people were given instruction or assistance with technology/computers in:

One-on-one or reference desk instruction?

Formal classroom settings. (Inside or outside the library.)
How many people were served by instruction (curriculum support and general instruction) in:

One-on-one or reference desk interactions?

Formal classroom settings? (Inside or outside the library.)
What are some examples of ways classes used the library? (Optional)

What are some examples of ways students used the library independent of their class? (Optional)

What are some examples of meetings facilitated in the library? (Optional)

What are some examples of assistance given regarding technology/computers? (Optional)

What are some examples of programs and/or training sessions you held on Snapshot Day? (Optional)

How do you plan to use your library's Snapshot Day information? (Optional)
Please offer any other comments pertaining to your library's Snapshot Day.

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